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Dear Visionary Leader

Dear Visionary Leader,


You are so far out in front of the rest of us we can no longer see you. Please come back! When I talk to you it feels like you are not listening, but instead thinking about new ideas. We love some of your great ideas, but we need to align around a strategy and practical steps to deliver at least one of them.


BOTTOM LINE: How do we get there?




The Team



Dear Not-So-Visionary-Minded Team,


I cannot help that I see trends and get ideas before most of you. You all move too slow, struggle with creativity, and are too happy preserving while I am off pioneering. I need you to expand your vision, take more risks, think bigger, be more passionate, give up your comfort zones, make fear your friend, and be more of an entrepreneur. Please give my ideas a safe place to land and don't kill them too soon.


Most of all don't box me in!




Your Visionary Leader



Dear Everyone,


Do you relate? Do you see and appreciate the value of both sides regardless of where you sit?



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