Immunity To Change™
Facilitator Workshop

March 2022, Date and Time TBD
Shanghai Pudong Kerry WeWork
(virtual workshop available)


Asia Growth Solutions

Deb Helsing, EdD

Robert Kegan, PhD

Mike Burns

Why Immunity To Change™?

The markets keep changing. Organizations are asking for a way to help their people change their mindsets faster to effectively respond to external and internal changes.

ITC may be the most successful coaching program of all time – with 230,000 leaders from 110 countries already participating. Coaches need coaching frameworks that are easier to use for both them and the participants to scale development faster across organizations.

Participants want something new and fresh that will help them to learn something about themselves and unlock new growth potential.


3-Day Workshop:
Uncovering Immunities to Change™

This workshop is the first step in deepening your knowledge and experience with ITC. You will learn how to create powerful ITC maps in individual coaching and group workshop settings, and uncover the hidden immune system that prevents change.

You will learn:

  • The theoretical backbone behind ITC and cutting-edge research and practices
  • How to facilitate ITC Map Coaching with individuals and groups
  • How to use The Facilitator’s Guide as a resource for further developing your skills
  • Ways to address typical challenges in ITC Coaching

All participants who complete the course will receive 20 credit hours (11.5 Core Competency hours and 8.5 Research Development hours) from the International Coaching Federation.


CNY 26,888

Early Registration

CNY 28,888

Regular Registration

Meet the Facilitators

Deb Helsing, Ed.D.

Deb is a co-director of Minds at Work, where she coaches, consults and provides training on the Immunity to Change approach.

Deb designs leadership development programs and learning experiences that are “Deliberately Developmental,” going beyond technical or informational approaches to engage transformational or adaptive learning & change.

She also holds a faculty position at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, teaching courses in adult development and Immunity To Change. As part of the program she provides executive coaching to high potential educational leaders.

Deb has co-authored several articles and books, including:

  • An Everyone Culture: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization (2016, with Robert Kegan, Lisa Lahey, Andy Fleming and Matt Miller) winner of an 800-CEO-Read Business Book Award
  • Right Weight, Right Mind: The ITC Approach to Permanent Weight Loss (2014, with Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey)
  • The Immunity To Change Coaches Guide, (2011 with Lisa Lahey and Robert Kegan)
  • Unlocking Leadership Potential: Overcoming Immunities to Change” (2010, with Lisa Lahey)
  • In Leadership: Addressing the Gaps in Senior Executive Development

Robert Kegan, PHd

Dr. Robert Kegan is arguably the single most cited thought-leader in the field of adult development today. His ground-breaking works on human and organizational behavior include The Evolving Self, In Over Our Heads, Immunity to Change, How the Way We Talk Can Change the Way We Work, and An Everyone Culture. Long a sought-after speaker to professional groups in every sector and geography, Kegan’s writings have been translated into twelve languages.

Regularly quoted in such publications as The New York Times and Forbes, the Harvard University’s Meehan Professor of Adult Learning and Professional Development is as comfortable in the boardroom as the classroom.

CEOs worldwide ask him to assist them personally, their teams, and their organizations, to define and implement high-value improvement processes. His insight into individual and collective “immunities to change” has resulted in significant and sustainable improvements due to generative shifts in underlying mindsets.

Mike Burns

Mike is the Founding Partner of Asia Growth Solutions, (AGS), where he leads a diverse team of 14 coaches and consultants focused on growing leaders and culture across Asia. He has several years and thousands of hours of successful experience coaching executive leaders and leadership teams. Mike received his qualification as an ITC Map Facilitator in 2015 and has become one of the most experienced ITC facilitators in Asia.

Prior to coaching Mike spent 15 years as a commercial and operational leader for several MNC’s including GE, Walmart and Brady. As a Global and Asia P&L growth leader, he consistently outperformed comparison companies in terms of % growth. In 2015 he launched his global coaching practice in Shanghai.

In 2020, AGS became the exclusive China partner of Minds At Work and The Developmental Edge to bring the power of Immunity To Change™ and Developmental Sprint® (ITC in a scalable format) to China. Mike’s vision is to enable coaches use these tools to scale growth successfully within their organizations or as external coaches. He helps coaches use ITC to grow their influence to get buy-in for coaching projects.